• Myrna Sandbrand

another declaration of independence

lately i’m mostly instigating

for a brave new world.

time to review the original draft;

the loss of magic and mystery 

for reason and rational thinking,

work replacing purpose.

why not reclaim our human legacy

born for a purpose

live from that purpose

give from that purpose

and most importantly 

strive to create a world from that purpose 

there are no accidents

only destiny.

that comes to me 


that i seek;

that is my belief,

my myth, my story. 

i’ve had enough of a life

tedious as a10,000 piece puzzle

i’d much rather fill my hands with clay

shape a world 

with kinesthetic know how.

take a photograph

and magnify the details. 

prepare a meal

that i can swallow;

that satisfies my soul

as well as my digestion.

sing a lullaby that soothes me to sleep

instead of distressing my spirit.

move to rhythms that remind me

of ocean waves, wind, 

light, sound.

giving form to what i want to believe in

that reminds me

through my senses

to give, receive

and believe that i/we

are entitled to live fully. 

a dream, perchance a memory;

golden, in the glow of her orb

she holds me in her arms,

her gaze filled with love and tenderness

whispering in my ear;

you have a purpose

you have a purpose

and i, newborn infant

reaching towards her face;

her smile of love,

moving my soul to action;

ready to try again,

to rise again,

i don’t have to be fearful

or broken hearted anymore.

her gaze filled with reassurance

my body feeling charged 

with purpose.

when messages come

from the healing ones;

when magic and mystery arise

i just want to open up

ready to brave a new world

reclaim my legacy 

that i was born for a purpose

live from that purpose 

give from that purpose

and most importantly 

remember that purpose. 

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