Hot Flash is a women's music duo, Joan Boccafola and Myrna Sandbrand, writing and singing original songs and spoken word poetry. They reside in the metro NY area. Musical style is rock, indie and singer/songwriter with socially conscious lyrics. The lyrics explore the nitty gritty of life experiences with a blast of positive energy to uplift the spirit. 


Joan is a songwriter, singer, performance artist and amateur video maker. She performed in the band Eefa in Manhattan and White Light in San Francisco.  Joan wrote her first song at age 11. Many songs on this site were written in the 70’s and 80’s though she has continued to write into the present. In addition to these songs there are dozens of pieces of songs and old recordings that may someday be re-recorded. 


In 1994 Joan met Myrna in a performance art class in San Francisco. They both have a flair for words, performance and blurring the lines of reality. Myrna has a wonderful voice and sings awesome harmonies. She is a poet, writer, performance artist and loves to dance. They joined together and formed the band Hot Flash in 1997 in Bolinas, Ca. At that time there were 4 members in the band who performed locally.  


Joan and Myrna moved to NY in 1998.  In the next 18 years the two of them performed at various venues and gatherings but not officially as Hot Flash.  Things changed in 2016 when Joan met with a local musician who inspired her to revisit all her songs; lower keys, tweak lyrics, and discover what the songs meant out of now. 


All the songs on this site are written by Joan Boccafola except You’re a Loser and Step Away from the Screen music by Joan Boccafola and lyrics by Joan Boccafola and Myrna Sandbrand.  The songs were recorded in 2019-2020 at two home studios on a fairly low budget yet the essence and quality of each track shines through. Each song has a message; many are social commentary, some political and all evoke a personal and inspirational experience.