LYRICS: It's Over

 Lyrics and Music by Joan Boccafola

Verse 1
While people died in pain
I tried to change my name
I blocked out all the lies
And tried to compromise
But it got plain to see
That this was not for me
And my anger rose
Into this world I chose
And it’s clear now
That it’s over
Verse 2
Why is there hunger and war
Discrimination rich and poor
Most of us don’t know why
We look for God in the sky
And I get so tired of life
And this need we have to fight
My heart opens wide
I want to close my eyes
And begin to feel
That it’s over
(Mood Music)
Verse 3
What do you want from me
Wanna  be open and free
I’m indecisive too
As to what I need from you
But it doesn’t matter dear
Cause now I am ready to hear
Those anguish voices yell
My mind begins to swell
With the reality of love
It’s over
Tag Ending
My heart opens wide, I want to close my eyes and begin to feel that it’s over